Innovative Product By College Student Becomes The Newest "Must Have", Brining In Global Sales After Just Days On The Market

Los Angeles, CA, June 1, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- No more cold spoons or pen caps, the newest product on the market has taken center stage, and is being hailed as "The One Thing Everyone Should Keep Handy" by The Daily News. It was created in a desperate attempt to cover up the signs of a long night out in college, now the taboo truth behind the product is bringing in global sales for the young creator. The products name says it all; "Banish Hickies And Bruises", and it has become first-ever organic product that instantly restores the discoloration of the skin in seconds, and heals the embarrassing marks quickly from the inside out.

Bruises and hickies are caused from an extreme force to the skin, causing the blood cells beneath the skin to burst, resulting in the discoloration. The marks are often very painful to the touch, due to inflammation under the skin and trapped blood cells. 'Banish Hickies And Brusies' actually uses century-old exotic herbs and oils that help expand blood circulation and reduce pain and swelling, resulting in an even skin tone that instantly removes the telltale-signs of long night.

Ryan Zamo, the 26-year-old mastermind behind the product and CEO of his globally recognized organic cosmetics company Z Skin Cosmetics, has produced enormous sales within days after the launch of his innovative idea. Zamo's history in organics dates back his entire life, with his mother being a long time plant biologist and his father hailing from Budapest, Hungary. Within the past 6 months Ryan Zamo has taken his homemade organic products from his kitchen, to an internationally selling brand, and Banish Hickies And Bruises proves this young CEO is yet to even see how big his future will be.

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