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GoPro shares fly on play for the dad demographic

Can GoPro keep rallying?

GoPro shares surged 5.5 percent on Monday, after the wearable camera maker unveiled its newest camera.

The HERO+ LCD includes a touchscreen, costs $299.99 and appears to be the company's attempt to break into the critical dads-who-film-their-kids market.

"This is really for the family outing, not for the action sports," commented Michael Pachter, an analyst who covers the stock for Wedbush Securities. "Obviously, if you're skiing or hang gliding, you're not going to need a touchscreen, because the camera is strapped to your head. This is more of a camera you'd use to make videos of your family with."

GoPro Hero+ LCD camera
Source: GoPro

Pachter says the release date of June 7 is also telling. That's two weeks before Father's Day.

Looking to the charts, technician Todd Gordon says the stock is headed back toward $67.75, which is 16 percent above Monday's closing price.

"I would like to use that as a long play, to kind of trade towards that attraction level. So I think the trend is good, it looks up from this point of view."

Still, disbelievers in the richly valued stock are many. Some 20 percent of the stock's float is currently held short.

David Seaburg, head of equity sales trading, made the bearish long-term case in a Monday "Trading Nation" segment.

"This is a hardware company. There's not a real proprietary technology that stands place here that stops them from really seeing competitive pressures," said Seaburg, who, like Pachter and Gordon, is a member of the dad demographic himself.