California Judge Faces Gay-Bashing Lawsuit After Months Of Harassment And Hate Crimes Towards Young Business Owner

Los Angeles, CA, June 2, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Since December of 2014, the California Judge has teamed up with his property management group to attempt to bully the gay business owner into moving. Now it seems Ryan Zamo, the successful CEO of his internationally recognized organic skincare brand 'Z Skin Cosmetics', has finally had enough.

The young CEO of Z Skin Cosmetics has been trying to keep the peace within his office complex, and pay no mind to the increasingly offensive actions of both the real estate management group, and the judge next door. Both have been demanding the gay entrepreneur move his business because "its disgusting", Ryan Zamo said "Its so odd because I was here first, he just moved in next door and the management just recently changed, I never had a problem before".

Since December of 2014, the judge and real estate company have been trying to use their power to evict the business. Starting out as gay-slander and harassment, the judge and management company soon moved to filing false police reports against Z Skin Cosmetics and then began sending letters and fines to the gay CEO.

After contesting each and every citation and report, the young CEO of Z Skin Cosmetics has finally had enough; he said "I think they just had it in their head that I would just cower to them. They tried to call the health department multiple times telling them I was illegally smoking on the property, so I told them they can come inspect the property, and of course they found nothing. When that didn't work they filed multiple reports saying that I had illegal employees working and an excess of "hooting and hollering" that was disruptive. I didn't know it, but the police had started investigating my company after all of the complaints, and of course they came back with nothing. I tried to explain that it would be impossible for that to happen seeing I'm only in my office a few days a week. Now they filed yet another complaint saying that the police couldn't find any problems with my business because the noise and employees only happen late evening and weekends, of course when the police weren't there." With the given documentation, false reports and testimonies from the offiercs involved, Zamo has now begun the legal battle, hoping to squash the problem before any further problems arise.

Ryan Zamo has taken his handmade organic skincare products and turned them into an internationally selling organic cosmetics empire in under a year. With the tenacity and determination that the extraordinary 26-year-old emits, it looks like the owner of Z Skin Cosmetics is set on stopping these hate crimes once and for all.

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