GeoTraq Files Patent Application for World's First Cell-ID Module

SEATTLE, June 2, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- GeoTraq, Inc. (OTC:GTRQ), a development stage company focused on developing next-generation wireless location technology, announced the successful submission of a utility patent application to the USPTO. The patent application incorporates multiple claims to proprietary circuit design, firmware functionality, and software platform architecture that defines and supports Cell-ID modules.

"We look forward to receiving timely approval of our patent application," said Gregg Sullivan, CEO of GeoTraq. "Protecting our invention from infringement is a top priority of the company."

GeoTraq has successfully completed the design of their first product, the G-200 Cell-ID Module which is intended to work on 2G cellular networks. The company will soon begin designing the G-300 Cell-ID module for use on 3G cellular networks. The patent application is applicable to any cellular network using any frequency bands such as GSM or CDMA.

Using Cell-ID technology exclusively, GeoTraq provides lowest-cost solutions and service life that will enable new global markets for location-based services (LBS) using technology similar to what emergency 911 location systems use right now. Today, 200 million remote "connected" devices exist. By 2020, it is estimated that 50 billion will be in service. Products using Cell-ID will capitalize on basic delineators: long battery life, extremely small form factor, low deployment costs — and it works indoors, unlike GPS.

About GeoTraq, Inc.

GeoTraq Inc. is a technology provider established to manufacture and sell cellular transceiver modules and associated services specifically enabled by Cell-ID with all its inherent advantages over GPS and RFID to provide solutions for the tracking, asset recovery and location based industries. For further information please visit the Company's website at

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