Power Play: Bullish case for PC market

A woman walks past Seagate Technology signage outside the company's headquarters in Scotts Valley, California.
Tony Avelar | Bloomberg | Getty Images

The personal computer market has taken a beating in recent years as consumers embrace smartphones and tablets.

But Bob Landry, portfolio manager at USAA investment Solutions, tells CNBC's "Power Lunch" on Tuesday the worst is over. "We could see some improvement, some modest improvement later this year when Windows 10 is released. There could be pent-up demand from businesses delaying purchases until Windows 10 proves it could run well," Landry said.

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One of the companies Landry likes in the PC space is Seagate Technology, which produces hard disk drives.

He believes Seagate's enterprise business will offset weakness on the consumer side. Seagate has "good growth potential and pays a really attractive divided, yielding approximately 4 percent," Landry said.

Seagate Technology is higher during trading, but is down 16 percent year-to-date.