Amazon launches free shipping on small items

Elizabeth Weise
Amazon offers free shipping for small products

Amazon on Tuesday introduced a free shipping for "small and light" products that are under 8 ounces and cost less than $10.

The low-cost fulfillment service means no minimum order is required and customers do not need to be enrolled in Amazon Prime to take advantage of it, according to postings on the site's sellers forum.

The new program is officially called "Fulfillment by Amazon Small and Light."

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"The new program provides a cost effective way for sellers to offer low-cost items and for customers to get free shipping. It's a win-win for customers and sellers – the new program costs sellers less to ship an item than it would if they were to do it through their own fulfillment network," said Amazon spokesman Tom Cook.

Deliveries will come from a specially-stocked Amazon shipping center based in Florence, Kentucky, Bloomberg News reported. Items will take four to eight business days to arrive.

Currently the Amazon Prime service costs $99 per year for membership. Otherwise a minimum of $35 per order is generally required for free, two-day shipping.