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Argentinians most likely to steal from hotel rooms: Survey

Argentinian travelers are the most likely to steal from hotel rooms, a survey has found, with almost three-quarters admitting they have taken products from hotel rooms while on holiday.

Taking the "all inclusive" vacation to a whole new level, Singaporean travelers were the second most likely to steal, with 71 percent admitting to pinching hotel items.

Spain was in third place with 70 percent of those surveyed admitting to taking items -- the highest percentage in European countries surveyed -- followed by Germany at 68 percent.

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Excluding toiletries, stationery was the most favored hotel freebie, according to the survey of almost 5,000 respondents from 28 countries by search website

Slippers were the second favorite choice, with 12 percent of tourists opting to take them home, followed by misplaced hotel room keys in third, with 10 percent.

Americans was ranked tenth in the list of guests most likely to steal, and the U.K. came sixteenth, with almost half of Brits saying they had pinched the odd item here or there.

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The most "trustworthy" nationality was Colombia, with only 31 percent of respondents confessing to taking items from their rooms. Respondents from Denmark, Norway, Hong Kong and South Korea also fared well in the survey.

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