Eric Cantor: Warren, Dems 'dogmatic' on Dodd-Frank

Eric Cantor
Photographer | CNBC

Eric Cantor may have left Washington for Wall Street, but he's still angry about laws passed after the financial crisis.

"We need the system to work for everybody. I think a much more rational approach is needed," the Republican former House majority leader said about the Dodd-Frank Act, an expansive set of rules designed to prevent another economic meltdown like in 2008.

Cantor, speaking at the Wall Street Journal Private Equity Analyst Conference in New York, said Democrats were irrationally defending the reforms despite their unintended consequences.

"[It's] this dogmatic 'anything that's big, that's bad, anything that's Wall Street regulating we need to support' versus some rational sense of what we're really doing," he said Tuesday. Cantor voted against Dodd-Frank in December 2009 and then tried to cut off financing for it, telling CNBC at the time that it would "kill jobs."

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