GTX Corp Launches Fulfilment Center in Ireland to Support SmartSole Sales in Europe

LOS ANGELES, June 3, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- GTX Corp (OTCQB:GTXO), an IoT platform and leading provider of personal location GPS wearable technology and wandering assistive technology, announced today the signing of an agreement with Alroni Ltd. based in Ireland, sister company of TippToes, an established supplier of medical garments and footwear in Ireland and the U.K. for over 17 years.

Under this agreement, GTX Corp will warehouse and stock inventory in the Alroni facility and Alroni will handle all aspects of order processing and fulfilment including customs clearance, CE and other European certifications, European tax compliance, European VAT invoicing. Alroni will also provide local sales and marketing support for orders taken in the territory through the new GTX Europe e commerce platform expected to launch by the end of June.

"This is an important new product for the dementia market both in Ireland and the U.K.," says Nicola Wade, team Podiatrist with Alroni. "Many families feel pressured with the challenges of maintaining their busy lives and caring for elderly family members. By offering the ability to place an order in their currency, in their time zone and provide a quick delivery time without any importing inconveniences will be a significant benefit to the customers in the region."

Nelson Skip Riddle, manager of strategic business development for GTX in the U.K., commented, "With the pilot initiatives and larger scale programs we are actively engaged with, we have begun to see an increase in local U.K. demand for the GPS SmartSoles. Now, by having the ability to stock inventory in Ireland and fulfil orders in days instead of weeks, we can greatly facilitate our product penetration in the region."

Andrew Duncan, Director of International Sales at GTX Corp, remarked, "This was a natural next step for us to stock inventory in Europe and establish a beach head in an English speaking European country."

GTX Corp's patented GPS SmartSoles, which were featured in AARP's 2015 technology gear guide are placed in the wearer's shoes and contain a GPS tracking chip connected through a global GSM cellular network that sends a signal to a central monitoring website or app showing the exact location of the individual wearing the SmartSoles. They come in several trim to fit sizes for both men and women, are made with the highest quality electronic components and assembled in Rhode Island, U.S.A. The value behind the SmartSole Platform is its ability to be a 'wearable' yet 'invisible' stigma free monitoring solution that alerts a caregiver when the wearer wanders off, sending a text or email to the caregiver's with a direct link to a map plotting the wanderer's location.

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