Hayden Slater

Hayden Slater
Source: Hayden Slater

Hayden Slater started Pressed Juicery in 2010 with his two childhood friends Hedi Gores and Carly de Castro with the goal of making high nutrition available to everyone.

As a native Angeleno, Slater was aware of and educated about health and wellness trends growing up, but rarely practiced them in his own life. In fact, it was his own unhealthy living habits that ultimately inspired a personal transformation, motivating Slater to create an innovative business underscored by a simple concept: health and wellness for all.

Pressed Juicery currently offers nationwide shipping and recently launched in the New York market. In 2014 the founders also published their first book, JUICE, sharing recipes and stories about juicing to inspire an even larger audience to learn more about wellness.

He will be speaking at iCONIC:LA on June 23. Register today.

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