Iconic Speakers 2015

Mark Suster

Mark Suster
Source: Mark Suster

Mark Suster is a partner at Upfront Ventures. He joined the firm in 2007 after having previously worked with Upfront Ventures for nearly eight years as a two-time entrepreneur. Before joining Upfront, Suster was vice president of product management at Salesforce.com, following its acquisition of Koral, where Suster was founder and CEO. Prior to Koral, Suster was founder and CEO of BuildOnline, a European SaaS company that was acquired by SWORD Group. Earlier in his career, Suster spent nearly 10 years working for Accenture in Europe, Japan and the U.S.

Suster looks to invest in passionate entrepreneurs in early stage technology businesses. His interests include digital content and distribution, AdTech, consumer Internet, and SaaS businesses. In addition, he has deep operating experience, having started and sold his last two companies.

He will be speaking at iCONIC:LA on June 23. Register today.