The three best global stocks to buy now: Expert

Stock picking gone global

Judging by 2015 ETF flows, more and more American investors are allocating a sizable chunk of their portfolios to international equities. But according to Erin Gibbs, equity chief investment officer at S&P Capital IQ, some specific international stocks look far better than others.

Gibbs is a particular fan of European stocks, given the low valuations and high growth potential in European equities. And specifically, she says the best opportunities can be found in three European names: French pharmaceutical company Sanofi, UK retailer Marks & Spencer, and a Swiss company, Zurich Insurance Group.

Sanofi, one of the biggest European companies by market cap, has "just been making a ton of money ever since they bought Genzyme" in 2011.

Still, the stock (which trades as a U.S. ADR under the ticker symbol SNY) is down 4 percent in the past year and is currently trading at a forward price-to-earnings ratio of 15.9, which is below the S&P's P/E of roughly 17.

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Gibbs' second pick is Marks and Spencer Group, a multi-line retailer.

"They actually had their first increase in furnishing and clothing sales recently," Gibbs said Wednesday in a "Trading Nation" segment. "In the last couple of quarters, they've been doing well."

Finally, Gibbs furnishes a more defensive stock, Zurich Insurance. Her favorite characteristic about the name is its fat dividend yield, which sit at 5.7 percent.

On the whole, Gibbs' message is that a bevy of European stocks presents attractive opportunities to U.S. investors—more so than other global picks, such as developing markets.

"We're seeing such good growth in developed markets without that high risk [often seen in developing markets], so we feel investors are better off focusing on your developed regions," she said.

Disclosure: Sanofi, Marks & Spencer, and Zurich Insurance are all held in model portfolios advised by Erin Gibbs. Neither Gibbs nor her immediate family has a position in any of the three stocks.