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Cramer: Wait till September for rate hike

Cramer on the jobs report

Friday's jobs report is a sign of a healthy economy, but the Federal Reserve shouldn't raise rates this month, CNBC's Jim Cramer said Friday.

"If you put it in the context of only America, we should tighten in June," he said. "If we take a look around the world, there is still a little uncertainty, let's wait three months."

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The jobs number was a good one, Cramer said, and will increase the chance of a rate hike earlier rather than later. However, with a weak economic outlook around the world, a June hike may be premature, he said.

"[Christine] Lagarde is right, if we raise rates, I think there is a lot of other uncertainty," he said. "I wish that we could take into account the rest of the world."

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"I like job growth; I think you put the Fed on hold till September," he added.