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Gartman: There's too much oil

Buy crude now: Gartman

After oil prices fell sharply, commodities sage Dennis Gartman said he sees the possibility for even lower prices.

WTI crude oil closed at $58 per barrel Thursday on expectations OPEC will keep its output at 30 million barrels a day. But even at that pace, Gartman said, there simply is too much supply. He spoke a day before OPEC on Friday decided to maintain current production levels.

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"There's plenty more crude oil being found all around the world. I think it's going to be very difficult to push WTI much beyond $65 maybe $66," Gartman said Thursday on CNBC.com's "Futures Now."

"I think it's going to be relatively easier to get the WTI down into the high $40s or low $50s."

However, Gartman expects oil prices will stay relatively range-bound for the time being.

"The whole world is happy with $60 WTI [and] with $65 Brent," he said. "Producers are happy with that number—or at least reasonably happy with that number. Consumers are happy with that number. The users of crude oil are happy with that number. It wouldn't surprise me if we actually did go sideways for a protracted period of time."

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