Gawker CEO on organizing 'anarchists'

Gawker CEO: Organizing anarchists

Gawker Media's founder and CEO, Nick Denton, said on Friday that he believes in happy and motivated journalists and is not disturbed by his staff's vote this week to unionize.

"You can either fight something like that and have the kind of confrontational relationship that often exists in the U.S. between management and workers," he said in an interview with CNBC's "Squawk Alley." "I'm not from here, I don't believe that's inevitable."

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Denton is a British journalist who currently heads the New York-based media company. In April, some Gawker writers announced that they were trying to unionize to make things "more fair." This week, the company became the first major digital media outlet to unionize with a majority yes vote.

"They're anarchists. You do not fight anarchists by trying to boss them around, meddle and impose policies and bureaucracy. And the writers have made it clear both to the management and to the union that they like the way they work and none of that is going to change," he said.

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