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New Chinese restaurant opens with unusual name

New restaurant opens with unusual name

For every child or significant other who never knows where they want to eat dinner, there's now a solution.

A Chinese restaurant has opened in Rochester, New York, with an unusual-but-clever name: I Don't Know.

Owner Jessie Dong told the Democrat and Chronicle of Rochester that she came up with the unique name because whenever she would ask her children what they wanted to eat, their response would always be "I don't know." The family, which was gearing up to open the restaurant, also couldn't decide what to name it and thought "I Don't Know" seemed oddly fitting.

The restaurant—home to only two tables—specializes in Chinese-American food with other options for health-oriented customers and mainly serves takeout.

No word yet on whether the family will be expanding the business with other stores named "I Don't Care," "Whatever You Want" or "Nah, I Just Ate."