Doctor's Weight Loss Solution Set to Revolutionize Weight Loss at Advanced Physical Medicine of Yorkville

YORKVILLE, Ill., June 7, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Doctor's Weight Loss Solution is a new weight loss plan that is transforming the way people lose weight. This program operated under the care of physicians, psychologists, and dieticians in order to support patients as they make health and lifestyle choices to assist them in their weight loss efforts as well as to maintain their weight loss results. "What sets this plan apart from so many others," according to Advanced Physical Medicine of Yorkville clinic director and Chiropractor, Dr. Brian D. Berkey, "is that it is individualized to the specific and unique needs of each patient."

Doctor's Weight Loss Solution doesn't start out the way of typical diets. Rather than rushing out to buy specialty foods and costly gym memberships, the first steps in this weight loss solution involve blood and hormone analysis, a comprehensive body analysis, clinical nutrition and counseling services, prescription medication for weight loss, regularly scheduled lifestyle modification classes, medically supervised exercise therapy, and prepackaged food to make meal preparation easy and convenient. All of these things are done under careful supervision by board certified, experienced physicians.

Dr. Berkey goes on to say that "Doctor's Weight Loss Solution offers fast results with many patients able to lose between 25 and 85 pounds within three months. For people who have struggled for years to take off the weight and keep it off, this program offers hope because it is a new way of living, eating, and moving rather than a diet that leaves them living a life of denial until they can't stand it anymore and just binge."

Because the program varies so greatly from one individual to the next, there is no set cost. Patients must set up a consultation with plan physicians in order to determine their needs in order to have the greatest possible success on the plan. Dr. Berkey offers a free consultation for first time patients interested in the plan.

In fact, Dr. Berkey strongly encourages people who have been struggling with the weight loss yo-yo to call and schedule a consultation right away, "There is no longer a reason for people to stumble through the weight loss process alone. The Doctor's Weight Loss Solution at Advanced Physical Medicine of Yorkville is all about providing support so that no one ever needs to feel like he or she is doing it alone again."

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