New Massage Therapist Joins Raveling Chiropractic Center P.A.

DUNEDIN, Fla., June 7, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Raveling Chiropractic Center, P.A., announced that massage therapist Randi Dobczyk has joined that practice. Randi will be providing massage therapy as a complement to chiropractic care and in support of total body wellness. Randi has six years of experience as a certified massage therapist, including providing the use of therapeutic massage for pain management and injury rehabilitation. Massage therapy is beneficial for managing back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, and headaches, according to chiropractor Dr. Raveling. Massage works by relaxing tension within the musculoskeletal system and reducing cellular inflammation for faster recovery from overuse injuries, says the chiropractor.

Dunedin chiropractor Dr. Raveling is raising awareness about the benefits of massage therapy for treating pain and injuries. According to Dr. Raveling, combining chiropractic care with massage therapy is truly a "win-win" situation for patients.

"Massage helps to warm and relax the muscles deeply before a spinal adjustment session so that the body is better prepared for adjustments," said Dr. Raveling. "We have also noticed that massage helps the body to more readily accept the adjustment and that the spine's supporting muscles are better able to adapt and maintain improved posture."

Raveling Chiropractic Center, P.A. recently welcomed a new massage therapist to practice. Randi Dobczyk brings six years of experience in massage therapy with a special focus on pain management and injury rehabilitation. She will be providing both deep tissue massage and trigger point massage for managing chronic pain and helping the body heal after an injury.

"We are thrilled to welcome Randi to our wellness center and confident she will be a tremendous addition to the team," said Dr. Raveling. "While she has been here for just a few months, she's already making a difference for patients by providing enhanced pain management and injury rehab care."

Deep tissue massage is the application of pressure, strokes and kneading to penetrate down into the soft tissues deep within the body. Trigger point massage focuses on alleviating tough, tight and painful trigger points and scar tissue, which are associated with injuries.

"Deep tissue massage is beneficial for relieving musculoskeletal tension and alleviating chronic pain," said Dr. Raveling.

The chiropractor recommends deep tissue massage as a complement to chiropractic care for managing back pain, neck pain, headaches and other chronic pain conditions.

"Trigger point is a style of massage focused on areas of muscular tension that block mobility and lead to referred pain that radiates to other areas," said Dr. Raveling. "We recommend trigger point massage for injury rehabilitation. Trigger point massage is most helpful when combined with physical therapy to help the body heal following an injury."

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