Solomons Veterinary Medical Center Announces Extended Weekend Hours and Emergency Pet Care

SOLOMONS, Md., June 7, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Solomons Veterinary Medical Center announced that the practice has extended its weekend hours until 3pm on Saturday. The practice will also be open from 10am to 5pm on Sundays. In addition to routine pet care, Solomons Veterinary Medical Center is also now providing emergency pet care during the extended weekend hours. The new hours are in response to increased demand from weekend veterinary services in order to better accommodate pet owners' busy weekday schedules, which can make scheduling weekday appointments difficult. The veterinary animal hospital also says it is extending hours to meet the demand for better weekend emergency pet care.

Solomons, Md., pet owners now have access to extended weekend veterinary care. Solomons Veterinary Medical Center has expanded its weekend hours to now provide service on Saturday from 7am to 3pm and Sunday from 10am to 5pm. Previously, the animal hospital only provided weekend care on Saturday until 1pm. The animal hospital will also be open on the Fourth of July and on Labor Day.

"Pet owners routinely tell us that the biggest challenge to keeping their pets healthy is simply scheduling a routine veterinary appointment for a wellness check-up or vaccination boosters," said Solomons' veterinarian Dr. Nancy Ball. "The decision to offer extended hours was an easy one to make. We're committed to keeping pets healthy and active throughout their lives. By offering extended weekend hours, we're making it easier for busy pet owners to schedule more convenient check-up appointments and ensure their pets are healthy and protected against common illnesses."

In addition to offering the expanded weekend hours for routine pet care, the veterinary hospital is reminding pet owners that they are also available for emergency pet care.

"Emergencies can happen at any time of the day or night," said Dr. Ball. "Our expanded weekend hours make it easier to provide urgent and emergency care during the weekend. As long as our hospital is open, we offer emergency pet care. We are reducing the need for pet owners to visit a separate after-hours emergency pet clinic on the weekends. Pet owners enjoy peace of mind knowing that their pet is receiving treatment from the same veterinary team that normally treats their pet."

Should a pet experience a health emergency such as accidental poisoning, Dr. Ball says that there is no need to schedule an appointment. The animal hospital provides emergency care for pets on a triage basis, addressing the most urgent and life threatening cases first. If possible, pet owners are requested to call the hospital when they are en route so a team can be ready to provide care upon arrival.

Solomons Veterinary Medical Center serves the Brooms Island, Dowell, Lusby, Port Republic, Prince Frederick, St. Leonard, St. Mary's and California, Md., communities.

For more information on the animal hospital's new extended weekend hours and emergency pet care services, or to schedule an appointment, pet owners may call 410-394-9117.

Source:Solomons Veterinary Medical Center