White Oaks Veterinary Clinic Urges Pet Owners to Take Storm Safety for Pets Seriously

EDMOND, Okla., June 7, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Storm season is here and this is the time of year when tornadoes frequently do copious amounts of damages to communities near and far. All families have plenty of concerns as storm season approaches but White Oaks Veterinary Clinic wants to encourage pet owners to take this opportunity to learn more about storm safety for pets during tornado season.

Dr. Jennifer Bianchi of White Oak Veterinary Clinic warns that proper planning is critical going into storm season, saying, "In the aftermath of a tornado there is so much devastation. Families have a hard time finding one another, let alone their pets, which are part of the family too. When losses loom so large, the comfort of familiar faces is good for people and their pets."

These are the recommendations White Oaks Veterinary Clinic offers when it comes to preparing for storm safety. Homeowners should have a person responsible for the pets (and a backup assigned in case someone isn't home). Dr. Bianchi goes on to remind that, "There is sometimes very little warning when storm sirens sound. Families don't have long to get their pets and to their place of safety or shelter."

The next thing owners should consider is stocking up on pet supplies for the storm shelter. "This includes the obvious choices like food, water, and pet treats, but even goes beyond that," says Dr. Bianchi, "With toys for the pets to play with, a blanket of pillow for the pet, and for crate trained pets, a small crate or pet carrier where the pet is likely to feel less stressed."

Having a pet crate in the shelter allows the pet a safe place handle its own emotional reaction to the storm while the family copes with their emotional and physical needs within the shelter. It also eliminates the opportunity for the pet to run away as the storm approaches.

The final recommendation Dr. Bianchi has to offer is an important one. She recommends that pet owners have their pets microchipped. Bianchi understands that some pet owners are hesitant to do so, but warns that in the aftermath of major storms, tornadoes, hurricanes, and flooding events pets are often separated from families. Even with collars, finding the home for the pet can be difficult (assuming collars remain intact) with so many homes missing or too badly damaged for homeowners to return.

Microchips are a cost effective tool that makes it easy to identify relevant information about pets after events like this when many pets are delivered to far off communities – essentially anywhere there is shelter space available because there are so many displaced pets at one time.

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