HTC's golden phone, brought to you by the iPhone?

HTC struggles to stay in the game

Just before Barcelona triumphed over Juventus to win Europe's UEFA Champions League, Taiwanese smartphone maker HTC rolled out a 24 karat gold smartphone to mark the end of one of soccer's biggest events.

On Friday, the company introduced its HTC One M9 in a bid to "celebrate the end of the Champions League season." On the back of the sleek telephone is an engraved soccer ball, and the insignia of the the UEFA.

The very next day, Barcelona rolled to a decisive 3-1 victory over one of Italy's oldest clubs.

Still, the ever vigilant eyes of the Internet noticed one rather embarrassing detail. In HTC's original photo, the reflection of a man is visible in the phone's golden surface—taking the picture using what appears to be an iPhone. The iPhone, of course, is manufactured by Apple, the tech industry's gold standard and the scourge of smartphone makers everywhere.

Although the company quietly replaced the photo, a number of users managed to preserve the original image.

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