Apple has given us more opportunity: 'Fruit Ninja' creator

'Fruit Ninja' creator: Apple providing opportunity for smoother integration
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Apple's biggest announcements

Apple's new software announcements have opened up a lot more opportunities for developers, the creator of the popular "Fruit Ninja" game said Monday.

The tech giant unveiled those new updates, as well as a streaming music service, at its Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco on Monday.

"What we're really seeing is the phone and the environment for Apple growing and becoming more all-inclusive for all features," Luke Muscat, creative director at Prettygreat, said in an interview with CNBC's "Closing Bell."

"For us it's very exciting. It gives us a lot more opportunity."

The changes allow for a much smoother integration of the games, richer feature sets for players and more compelling experiences that integrate tightly with the hardware device, he added.

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For example, there has been "massive growth" in the area of YouTubing and streaming of people playing games, said Muscat.

Previously, to get that kind of functionality on a mobile device such as the iPhone, game developers had to go to competitors or third-party applications, he explained.

"That was often very difficult. It would create a lot of instability when trying to release the games and it meant you were dealing with a lot more people when trying to produce that kind of functionality."

With Apple's announcement of a replay kit, it will make it much smoother to integrate the function, he said.

Muscat was also positive about company's announcement it was rolling out a series of native applications for the Apple Watch.

Those applications give ""us a lot more access to the features that Apple Watch has, which makes it much more compelling and interesting to develop for," he said.

"We're definitely going to be keeping a close eye at that market and looking at what we can do in the future on that platform."

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While there was nothing surprising out of Monday's conference, it still served an important role for the company, Apple shareholder Tim Lesko said.

"What Apple is really doing is creating a user base that's going to continue to buy their products for years," the portfolio manager at Granite Investment Advisors told "Closing Bell."

"The way to do that is to continue to have developers develop great software for them because it's all about the software at the end of the day."