1PM Industries Announces It Has Executed Lease Agreement For Initial Retail Location, Marketing Plan and Online Sales

Beverly Hills, California, June 8, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- 1PM Industries (OTC: OPMZ) announced today it has executed a lease agreement to open its initial retail location at Fashion Island in Newport Beach, California. This is the initial step in a plan to build out retail stores to sell "Nate's Homemade" products. The build out is focusing initially in the Southern California area before expanding to other states. Fashion Island has approximately 15 million visitors a year (or approximately 1,250,000 per month). The Company expects to begin selling product at Fashion Island in July 2015.

The Company will initially begin with leasing kiosk at Fashion Island as a proof of concept and to build a solid foundation slowly while the product line is increased. As the number of products available is increased, the Company will begin looking at building 1,300 square foot retail stores that will include waffle bars and Electronic Food Kiosk that will sell the various products. Thereby branding the Nate's Homemade Electronic Food Kiosk and providing additional expansion by placing Nate's Homemade Electronic Food Kiosk at other locations such as colleges and universities.

In addition to building out retail locations, the Company is currently working to market and sell product at various events throughout the Country such as NASCAR, professional sporting events and local/regional events. The event marketing will work in connection with social media, print ads and television commercials.

The Company expects the retail locations to work in conjunction with Nate's Food's products being sold in box stores particularly in locations where no retail location has been built. The retail store locations provide a number of advantages including, but limited to:

· Product can be demonstrated and tasted prior to purchase

· No competition from similar products

· Interaction with customers

· Higher margins

· Reduction on expenses related to logistics and distribution

· Enhanced customer experience

· Ability to sell food in addition to just cans of product

· Collection of emails and data on customer

The Company sells Nate's Homemade products online at www.nateshomemadestore.com. The Company has had 130 orders for 408 cans of Nate's Homemade Pancake and Waffle Batter and 108 gourmet syrups

Nate's Homemade is manufactured by Nate's Food Co. (OTC: NHMD).

About 1PM Industries.

1PM Industries is a Colorado corporation. The Company's business focus is on direct marketing and infomercials of consumer related products. The Company will initially focus on two areas: (1) health and wellness products that will be branded and marketed under the Company's own brand "NewGenica" and (2) products that the company enters into exclusive on-line distributor agreements with other companies.

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