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Lightning Round: These stocks are under pressure

It's that time again! The Lightning Round bell has rung, and Jim Cramer gives his take on a few favorite audience stocks:

PNC Financial Services Group: "You're right to buy it. Here's the problem—it just hit a 52-week high today. I think the market is headed down for a couple of days but that's a great place to be."

Royal Caribbean Cruises: "I like Royal but I have to tell you, I saw Carnival Corp last week and I am quite taken by Carnival. I prefer you to be in that one."

American Axle & Manufacture, Inc: "I think it's a good place to be, I actually prefer Lear in that business but Axle is a good company. I think Lear is better."

FireEye & Palo Alto Networks, Inc: "Both of these stocks did an aisle and reversal today. They opened up big and then they went down. That means the technicians are going to be fleeing from them for a couple of days and then they'll come back to them. So understand they will be under pressure, that's the way technicians trade."

Blackberry Ltd: "I think it's one up, one down. I've got to get some more juice then that. That's not enough to get me involved.

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Hewlett Packard: "It is unlikely that it will buy Alcatel Lucent. I think Hewlett Packard's got its own issues, it is splitting into HP and Hewlett Packard and I think that frankly means that they'll be doing nothing on the acquisitions side at least for the rest of the year."

Trinity Industries: "No, I want you to stay away. Too many issues, the train business is slowing down. They've got a law suit, it's really hard to fathom. I want you to stay away."

American Capital Agency Corp: "No, that yield is not protecting you from the decline. That yield is a classic red flag, It's too high, I don't trust that particular yield and I want you to stay away AGNC."

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