Mommy blogger gets the 1% treatment

Judy Travis has her hands full.

For starters, the 29-year-old Seattle mother of three has to wrangle her daughters—a two-year-old and twin toddlers. It's a nonstop parade of toys, tantrums and timeouts.

When the twins cry, their wails broadcast in stereo, only competing for airtime with yet another DVD replay of "Frozen."

But Judy and her husband Benji also have cameras in their hands. All day. Every day.

Since 2012, this has been the norm in the Travis home. They record every moment, splice it together at night and put it up on YouTube for the world to see.

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Consistency has led to a legion of faithful fans. Right now, Judy has more than 1 million subscribers on her primary YouTube channel, "ItsJudysLife," and Benji quit his real estate job so he could do YouTube full time.

Their lives are literally their business.

YouTube star Judy Travis is a busy 29-year-old mother of three. She still gets things done.
Source: CNBC

Internet fame is a funny thing. But Judy is still Judy. And being a mom is still being a mom. Linens need folding. Food needs cooking. Rooms need cleaning. And all the subscribers in the world can't change a dirty diaper.

"I try to release a video by midnight," Judy said. "But sometimes when things get a little crazy or I'm too exhausted, it gets up by six in the morning."

The fact that they're making money doesn't hurt.

"It is a lot of work," Judy said. "Sometimes I'm in bed and I don't even want to give Benji the quality time because I'm too tired. And that happens maybe a little too often, which I feel bad for Benji because, you know, he's a man."

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And Judy's a woman. A hard-working woman who could probably use a luxury spa day. So, CNBC set her up with the deluxe treatment at the Salish Lodge & Spa in Snoqualmie, Washington, 30 miles east of Seattle.

Judy knew she was getting a day of luxury, but had no idea how pampered she was about to be. And after six hours of pure bliss, she went back to the office (read: home) refreshed and ready to face the diaper parade.

"I feel so relaxed," Judy said after the treatment. "I'm just so grateful for this experience."

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