A 9-year-old in Washington builds on her girl power

Hailey Fort, 9, builds houses for the homeless.
Source: Haileys Harvest | Facebook

Hailey Fort isn't using power tools to build a clubhouse for herself; she's building mobile homes for the homeless. At age 9, she's changing the definition of girl power.

In less than two weeks, the girl from Bremerton, Washington, has crowdfunded nearly $30,000 to sponsor her work providing food and building houses for the homeless.

From installing windows and insulation to fixing leaky roofs, Fort builds homes for those in need, with a little help from her mom.

"Although these structures are not permanent, it provides a safe, dry and warm place to sleep and store valuable possessions," Fort said on her website.

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Fort's work began four years ago, when she saw a homeless man on the street and asked her mom if there was anything that she could do. She bought the man lunch. But her tendency toward kindness continued.

Currently, she's collaborating with North Kitsap Fishline, a local nonprofit helping people in need. According to a recent Facebook post, Fort will be donating 10 post office boxes for the homeless to use while they send out job applications.

She recently started a gift registry on Amazon for products such as shampoo and over-the-counter medication for the homeless in her county.

With over 18,000 likes on Facebook, Fort recently posted, "I am so overwhelmed by all the love and support."

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