FlexPower Unveils New Logo and Hashtag to Build Strong Brand Identity

BERKELEY, Calif., June 9, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- FlexPower, Inc. (OTC:FLXP), a California consumer products corporation that makes and markets innovative pain management products, is excited to unveil its new company logo. This logo will be used for both the Company and their signature FlexPower Pain Relief Cream. The updated logo has a clean and powerful look that better suits the popular clean-scent cream that delivers a targeted punch of heat and relief to muscles and joints.

The new logo represents the brand identity of clean, active, and powerful. The graphic will be featured in orange on packaging to build on the "heat" message, and various other colors depending on its usage. The graphic includes a power button-like image to reinforce the idea that FlexPower is and should be a part of any athlete's pre-game preparation. FlexPower cream is also used as a solution for post-game muscle and joint recovery and relief.

FlexPower has also unveiled a new tagline and hashtag "GoDeep" which will be used in new marketing and promotional materials. "Go Deep" talks to the fact that FlexPower cream goes deep under the skin directly to muscles and joints using their FlexSome technology. In addition, the "Go Deep" tagline references the classic sports message to go as hard as one can in sports and in life. This new message is already being featured on the Company's Facebook and Instagram/Twitter (@flexpower) channels which have collectively resulted in over 300,000 social media impressions during the month of May. To view a highlighted post from Facebook, click here.

"The revamped logo is sharper, cleaner and better reflects the power behind our product," states CEO Rasheen Smith. "The idea of creating a new behavior before working out is a pretty big deal. We are telling people to apply FlexPower before activity and not just when they are in pain. Athletes love how it warms up their body and gets them going. Since we are changing habits and creating new routines, incorporating the power button element reinforces this and also gives us an iconic identifiably symbol. In essence, FlexPower is that push-to-start button before any workout. This change represents a new era for FlexPower where we can focus on connecting with our audience and increase sales."

FlexPower will make a major push of their improved look with the launch of their new website and packaging re-launch this Summer. The Company expects to fully convert to the new logo on all materials by July.

About FlexPower, Inc.

FlexPower, Inc. manufactures and markets superior performance healthcare products utilizing unique delivery systems. For targeted pain relief directly at the source, FlexPower Performance & Recovery Cream penetrates deeply and quickly to deliver active ingredients for muscles and joints to help world-class athletes cope with the aches and pains that come with strenuous workout and activity. FlexPower is commonly used before activity for warm-up and performance, and after activity for recovery from aches and pains of muscles and joints and arthritis. Whether you are a world-class athlete, enjoy an active lifestyle, or suffer from muscle, joint, or Arthritis pain, FlexPower can help you get through your day pain free. For further information, please visit www.flexpower.com.

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