Mueller Systems Joins LoRa(TM) Alliance

ATLANTA, June 09, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Mueller Systems, LLC, a leading provider of advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) systems, has joined the LoRa™ Alliance to bring Internet of Things (IoT) technology to water infrastructure.

The LoRa Alliance is an open, non-profit association of telecom and other providers that are accelerating the adoption of IoT by delivering related products and services now. The Alliance’s mission is to standardize Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWAN) being deployed around the world to enable IoT, machine-to-machine (M2M), and smart city and industrial applications. Developing standards will allow service providers to offer interoperable products and services in an open network, and to share both knowledge and best practices.

One such application is the Mi.Net® system, Mueller Systems’ AMI system that fully automates the meter-reading-to-billing process - linking meters, distribution sites and control devices in a single, highly efficient data network. Mueller Systems is an affiliate of Mueller Water Products, Inc. (NYSE:MWA), a leading North American manufacturer and marketer of products and services that are used in the transmission, distribution and measurement of water.

"By leveraging the Internet of Things, municipalities can transform their water systems into open communications systems enabling them to improve the service they offer their customers and increase the connectivity of all city services,” said Hassan Ali, vice president and general manager of Mueller Systems.

According to Semtech, a founding member of the LoRa Alliance and a manufacturer of RF transceivers used in a variety of IoT applications, out of the 50 billion objects predicted to be connected to the Internet by 2020 fewer than 10% are predicted to use cellular technology. Telecommunications companies will need long range, high capacity systems to consolidate the fragmented battery operated wireless market for sensor networks, smart cities, smart metering, security systems, smart home, and industrial controls.

About Mueller Systems

Mueller Systems, LLC is an affiliate of Mueller Water Products, Inc. (NYSE:MWA). Mueller Systems provides Smart Metering solutions to optimize the delivery and use of water and energy, such as the Mi.Net® Mueller Infrastructure Network for Utilities. Mueller Systems offers a full line of residential, fire line and commercial meters, AMR / AMI systems and related products. For more information about Mueller Systems, please visit their website at

About Mueller Water Products, Inc.

Mueller Water Products, Inc. (NYSE:MWA) is a leading manufacturer and marketer of products and services used in the transmission, distribution and measurement of water in North America. Our broad product and service portfolio includes engineered valves, fire hydrants, metering products and systems, leak detection and pipe condition assessment. We help municipalities increase operational efficiencies, improve customer service and prioritize capital spending, demonstrating why Mueller Water Products is Where Intelligence Meets Infrastructure®. The piping component systems produced by Anvil help build connections that last in commercial, industrial and oil & gas applications. Visit us at

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