World's Most Private Search Engines Relaunch with New Design

Zeist, Netherlands, June 9, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- and, the world's most private search engines, don't just have a brand new look. They now sport privacy-friendly Google map snapshots, enhanced video search, and upgraded image search results that are automatically proxied for 100% anonymity.

Fans are impressed, calling the new design "cool," "modern," and "sleek."

"It's great to be launching a new logo, and we're excited about our redesigned features," said CEO Robert Beens. "Of course, our users can still confidently rely on the things we're not changing -- great security and state-of-the-art privacy protection."

The company's private search and proxy will continue to be free, and the "classic" design and themes are still available as options. What's more, the company won't be changing one of its most popular features: its location in the Netherlands.

"Ed Snowden showed how the U.S. government can coerce American companies into handing over people's data," he said. "Because our company is based outside US jurisdiction, we are not subject to the Patriot Act or other data collection programs like PRISM. We never collect data on our users and we will never cooperate with bulk spying programs."

Beens promised that StartPage will continue to serve anonymized Google search results, and Ixquick will continue to provide equally private metasearch results from top search engines.

"We will keep to our roots while advancing the work we pioneered when we launched the private search revolution over 10 years ago," Beens added. "We do private search better than anyone, and we never collect or store any personal information about our users. Nada. Zilch. Zero."

In fact, StartPage and Ixquick are the only search engines to have earned Europrise third-party certification of their ground-breaking privacy promises:

  • No IP addresses recorded
  • No tracking cookies used
  • No record made of users' searches

"We are proud of our innovations in private search, and we continue to develop new ways to protect privacy, like our recently launched private email service,," Beens noted.

StartMail, developed by the team behind StartPage and Ixquick, offers paid private email. Its revolutionary one-click encryption option protects email messages so only the intended recipients can read them.

"Privacy is a fundamental human right," said Beens. "Our mission is to provide easy-to-use solutions that protect people from blanket surveillance and help them embrace their right to privacy."

About StartPage, Ixquick and StartMail

StartPage and its sister search engine Ixquick are the world's first and only search engines with third-party certification of their privacy promises. They are also the only search engines to offer a free proxy service with every search, and they consistently outscore other search engines on security measures. For more information, please visit or is the new paid, private email service that simplifies PGP encryption and makes state-of-the-art privacy protection easy and available to everyone. See why thousands of people have turned to StartMail by watching the video overview at

StartPage, Ixquick, and StartMail are based in the Netherlands, where consumer privacy is better protected by law.

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Source: Startpage/ Ixquick