Pizza Hut's new pizza box does what?!

Want some tech with those fries?

Pizza boxes have long done double duty, most often as a dorm-room plate, but one new box at Pizza Hut puts a high-tech spin on the usual cardboard.

The Yum Brands' chain's new pizza box also functions as a movie projector. After popping a projector lens onto the box, customers can play movies with the box using smartphones.

Pizza Hut in Hong Kong introduces a projector pizza box.
Source: Pizza Hut | Ogilvy

"Pizza is a social food and movies are a social event. Perfect match," wrote company spokesman Doug Terfehr about the new boxes, which will be available in Hong Kong.

So how exactly does the "Block Buster Box" work?

1. Customers punch a hole in the box
2. Insert a lens that comes with the pizza
3. Scan a code on the box with a phone
4. Use this phone to project movies from the phone.