DALLAS, June 10, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Fatboy® USA, the imaginative lifestyle brand that continues to "delete the dull" by adding creativity and function to modern home and work environments, and its CEO and President, Paula Masters have contributed a chapter in the new textbook Enterprise Engagement: The Textbook. The chapter covers and reveals a new path to business prosperity through a strategic focus on caring about employees and customers together and further illustrates the heart behind Fatboy USA's thought process in enhancing spaces and cultivating a camaraderie in the work place.

"At Fatboy USA, it has always been our goal to create designs and collections that enhance both home and work environments," said Paula Masters, President and CEO of Fatboy USA. "Innovative companies have long been using our products to bring people together in the workplace whether that be a think-tank, employee relaxation room or outdoor work place, and we think our focus on "everyone," not just "one," has always helped us in a way that Enterprise Engagement: The Textbook perfectly outlines."

Enterprise Engagement: The Textbook is a presents a new and more virtuous capitalism that focuses on profitability garnered through customers and talented employees that have the power together. This kind of engagement is different from traditional marketing and management in that it redefines an organization's brand to include all of its audiences and stakeholders, and integrates traditionally divided activities such as leadership, assessment, learning, collaboration and innovation, and analytics to focus on everyone with mutually supported goals.

"The workplace is critical to creating an engaged organization. We're pleased that Paula could provide practical information any organization can use to create a more satisfying environment in which to excel," said Bruce Bolger, Managing Director of the Enterprise Engagement Alliance.

As Fatboy USA and its CEO and President, Paula Masters, look toward the future of their brand, they also honor the heart and inner core that keeps the design ticking: that if you cultivate an atmosphere where people feel they can share ideas and community, the possibilities are endless.

About Fatboy®

Fatboy is an imaginative lifestyle brand that excels in thinking outside the box. Fatboy has been challenging the concepts of lifestyle products since 2002, when it set out to create the perfect lounge chair— designed for fashion, for comfort, and tailored for an unmatched lounging experience. Today, Fatboy brings energizing comfort and smiles to people in over sixty countries worldwide with a growing line of lifestyle products. Their identity is anchored in iconic European design mixed with a creative spirit and a sense of humor that extends into all of their product offerings. Fatboy is known for creating iconic products with a simple yet compelling idea reflected in their tagline, "Deleting Dull". Their tagline aligns with what has remained the core of the Fatboy brand philosophy from birth, which is to design captivating product to evoke an authentic change in people's minds for the better through the experience they have with their lifestyle product.

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About Enterprise Engagement: The Textbook

Enterprise Engagement: The Textbook introduces a new path to business prosperity through a strategic focus on people. Authored and edited by dozens of experts in general management, marketing, sales, data management, business and academia, the book's methodology has been endorsed by leading companies as a means of achieving both strategic and tactical organizational goals related to sales, marketing, human resources, vendor management, and community relations.

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If you'd like more information about Enterprise Engagement: The Textbook and its release, please visit http://www.theeea.org/learning/engagement-textbook/#d to learn more.

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