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Pornhub launches crowdfund to film movie in space

Dieter Spears | E+ | Getty Images

Having possibly exhausted all of the earthly porn-story setups they could think of, the team behind Pornhub has apparently set its sights a bit higher.

The adult entertainment company is looking to raise $3.4 million from the public on crowdfunding website Indiegogo to film "Sexploration," the first porn movie to be filmed in space. (Tweet This)

For the project, Pornhub is teaming up with Digital Playground, a leading adult entertainment studio, along with a team of specialists. A promotional video on the fundraising page notes the film will feature adult film stars Eva Lovia and Johnny Sins.


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Fans who donate $10 to the cause are slated to receive an advanced viewing; a $20 donation earns donors a video chat with the project's "sextronauts." Those donating at the top level, $150,000, earn the two spacesuits worn by said "sextronauts."

By supporting have the opportunity to be a part of the most epic sex adventure ever caught on tape...
Pornhub crowdfunding page

In its first seven hours of fundraising, the site raised just a little over $1,000 from 44 donors. If Pornhub's fundraising does not meet its goal of $3.4 million in the next 60 days, all funds will be returned to donors, according to the post's FAQ section.

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The site further explains that "Sexplorations" is slated to launch in late 2016, stating "Once trained and certified, our team members will be entering space via a consumer space shuttle." However, it is unclear which space shuttle that might be.

The Virgin consumer space project, Virgin Galactic, planned to offer $250,000 space travel but has a ways to go before it is cleared for air.

You can view the full Indiegogo crowdfunding site here. If Pornhub's mission succeeds, it will be one giant pornographic leap for mankind.