Analyst: A trifecta of issues for J.Crew

Can J. Crew recover?

J.Crew has more than a couple of issues it needs to deal with, Liz Dunn, Talmage Advisors founder and CEO, said on Thursday.

"I think prices have gone up, quality in some cases has gone down, and then the fashion has missed the mark," she said in an interview on CNBC's "Power Lunch." "So it's really just a trifecta of bad issues."

Read More J Crew lays off 175 at its NY headquarters

On Wednesday the retailer announced that it was cutting 175 jobs from its headquarters in New York. The news came a week after J.Crew reported earnings that included decreased revenue, sales and gross margins.

Stacey Widlitz, with SW Retail Advisors, said in the same interview that the company's largest problem is not self-inflicted.

"There are other brands that are doing things, not quite the quality but close to it, and a lot cheaper, so that's really the problem out there," she said.