Adamas Begins Phase 2 Clinical Trial Assessing ADS-5102 for Treating Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms in Patients With Walking Impairment

EMERYVILLE, Calif., June 11, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Adamas Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (Nasdaq:ADMS) announced today the initiation of a Phase 2 clinical trial with ADS-5102 (amantadine HCl) in individuals with multiple sclerosis (MS) who have walking impairment.

"We are pleased to initiate this Phase 2 trial in MS patients with walking impairment to further our understanding of the safety and tolerability of ADS-5102 and to obtain data to guide our development efforts," said Gregory T. Went, Ph.D., Chairman and CEO of Adamas Pharmaceuticals, Inc. "As our Phase 3 trials of ADS-5102 in levodopa-induced dyskinesia continue to move forward, we are identifying additional indications that will allow us to leverage our wholly-owned, extended-release formulation of amantadine and bring new treatment options to individuals in need."

Phase 2 Trial Design

This Phase 2 study is a multi-center, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, two arm, parallel group study of ADS-5102 in 60 individuals with MS who have walking impairment. All participants will be on a stable regimen of MS medications for at least 30 days prior to screening and will continue the same dose and regimen for the duration of their study participation. The primary study objective is to evaluate the safety and tolerability of ADS-5102 dosed at 340 mg once daily at bedtime in an MS population. Efficacy measurements will include assessments of walking and fatigue. The treatment duration will be four weeks with top-line results anticipated in 2016.

About MS

MS is a chronic autoimmune-mediated disorder that affects approximately 270,000 people in the United States. While there are multiple drugs approved to reduce inflammation and slow the development of symptoms early in the disease course, there are limited options available for the treatment of the frequent and often persistent neurological symptoms. In a 2013 patient survey on MS in America, 76 percent of respondents reported walking difficulties and 89 percent reported fatigue.

About ADS-5102

Adamas' most advanced wholly-owned product candidate is ADS-5102 (amantadine HCl), a high dose, extended-release version of amantadine that is administered once daily at bedtime. Adamas is initially developing ADS-5102 for the treatment of levodopa-induced dyskinesia, or LID, in patients with Parkinson's disease. LID is a complication that frequently occurs in patients after long-term treatment with levodopa, the most widely used drug for Parkinson's disease. There are no approved drugs for the treatment of LID in the United States or Europe. Adamas is also exploring the utility of ADS-5102 for the treatment of major symptoms associated with multiple sclerosis in patients with gait impairment.

About Adamas Pharmaceuticals

Adamas Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is a specialty pharmaceutical company driven to improve the lives of those affected by chronic disorders of the central nervous system. The company achieves this by modifying the pharmacokinetic profiles of approved drugs to create novel therapeutics for use alone or in fixed-dose combination products. Adamas is currently developing its lead wholly-owned product candidate, ADS-5102, for a complication associated with the treatment of Parkinson's disease known as levodopa-induced dyskinesia, or LID, and is evaluating other potential applications, including for the treatment of symptoms associated with multiple sclerosis in patients with gait impairment. The company's portfolio also includes two approved products developed with Forest, Namzaric™ and Namenda XR®. Forest is responsible for marketing both products in the United States under an exclusive license from Adamas. For more information, please visit

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