Hear Industry Thought Leaders Share Insights On How To Develop An Effective Population Health Management Strategy

GETTYSBURG, Pa., June 11, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The research is clear, and so the government regulations have followed – population health, care coordination, and information exchange are imperatives for improving consumer outcomes and reducing health care costs. The paradigm shift in our industry encourages the management of wellness over treating illness, moving toward a preventative rather than reactive approach. Organization after organization is implementing a plan for making this outcomes-based, data-driven population management a reality.

In this new environment, how do you coordinate care across providers? How do you manage the physical, behavioral, and social determinants of care for the population you serve? If 5% of your community incurs 50% of the cost, how can you identify those individuals so you aren't taking on that financial risk yourself?

Join Netsmart thought leaders, Scott Green and Larry Seltzer, as they share their experience in this rapidly evolving health care space, and demonstrate how today's organizations can maximize performance while participating in new models of care.

During this 90-minute executive web briefing, attendees will learn:

  • Methods of identifying & managing high-risk populations in order to generate immediate cost-savings & outcomes improvements
  • How to manage the 'Three Rights' of your populations: directing individuals into the right level of care using the right methods in the right environment
  • Ways to use cutting-edge solutions to exchange data & coordinate care across providers

And don't miss an exclusive live question and answer session where our experts will share their insights on developing an effective population health management strategy and answer questions from the audience!

To learn more about this executive web briefing, or take advantage of free online registration, please visit: https://www.openminds.com/event/building-blocks-for-success/

All registrants will receive (at no charge and regardless of attendance) a recording of the webinar and an electronic copy of the presentation slides at its conclusion.

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