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The $1 billion question surrounding 'Jurassic World'

Jurassic Park by the numbers

This week marks the 22-year anniversary of one hugely successful film's release and is also the release of that franchise's newest installment: "Jurassic World." While the second and third installments of the "Jurassic" franchise were relative flops, the fourth film is predicted to earn big during its opening weekend.

But "Jurassic World" may find it difficult to stack up to the overwhelming success of the franchise original.

"Jurassic Park" grossed $1,038,812,599, according to Box Office Mojo, which tracks statistics for the film industry. This was enough to surpass Spielberg's "E.T." as the biggest hit movie of all time, a record it held for nearly five years, until "Titanic" was released. "Jurassic Park" ultimately cost $63 million to make and another $65 million to market.

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"Jurassic World" is seen making $120 million its opening weekend and ultimately to gross $800 million to $900 million, said Phil Contrino, vice president and chief analyst of "The first film is such a big part of our culture that it'll be hard for 'Jurassic World' to match it. The one thing it can do well is bring the franchise to life for a new generation of fans," he told CNBC.

While Contrino isn't banking on the film hitting the $1 billion mark, he does express optimism for its public debut: "This is a fresh take with new characters, and that's definitely going to help it at the box office. The paying public is clearly ready for this franchise to be rebooted."

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