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9 retail brands trying to find their way

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Retailers trying to reverse the trend

Remember Juicy Couture's heyday?

Ten years ago it was practically impossible to set foot on a college campus without seeing the brand's name emblazoned across at least one woman's backside.

Then came the retail riddle many brands have grappled with: No matter how established or popular they become, consumers grow tired of them and move onto the next great thing.

For some companies, it's the result of having too much product in the market; for others, it's a failure to push forward their designs and keep customers interested. Whatever the cause, the challenge is the same: Once they lose shoppers' interest, it can be extremely hard to get it back.

"It really comes back to, what is your reason for being?" said Farla Efros, president of HRC Advisory. "Yes, you can turn it around, but ... it's really about defining a clear set of initiatives."

There are plenty of retailers who have recovered from their missteps. Most recently, Lululemon's infusion of more fashionable product and an emphasis on quality have brought shoppers back. And at American Eagle, merchandise that more closely aligns with the tastes of today's teens have made it a bright spot in the struggling space.

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By CNBC's Krystina Gustafson
Posted 15 June 2015

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