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Geneva: The place for a vacation—if money doesn't matter

Janine Wolf, Special to CNBC
Allan Baxter | Getty Images

Situated at the foot of Switzerland's Alps and along Lake Geneva lies one of the most luxurious—and pricey—cities in the world.

Famous for being a font of global diplomacy and expensive watches, Geneva continuously ranks among the world's most costly travel destinations, and with good reason. During 2014, the average daily rate (ADR) for luxury European hotels was $866 per night, according to luxury travel company Virtuoso. For Switzerland, it was $929 per night.

Switzerland's economy draws in more than 34 billion Swiss francs ($36 billion) annually from tourism, according to the Swiss Federal Statistics Office, with Geneva as its centerpiece. The city has a well-earned reputation as a hub for all things cosmopolitan and international, and it is estimated that more than 40 percent of Geneva's population comes from other countries. For lovers of the finer things in life, the city should be near the top of any list of potential summer getaways.

Naturally, it won't be cheap. A study by, which used a "club sandwich index" that recalls The Economist's"Big Mac" Index that measures purchasing power across economies, shows that Geneva is the most expensive city for a regular club sandwich. The quirky study revealed that the average such sandwich costs a whopping 20 francs (the equivalent of about $21).