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Beer comes of age in New York as state gets its own ale

Romilly Lockyer | Getty Images

New York State is getting its own beer.

In the spirit of a rising tide lifts all boats, several of the Empire State's brewers have joined together to create its first "official beer," called Statewide Pale Ale. However, it wasn't immediately clear if the brew would receive official sanction from the state government.

Nonetheless, the beer is a fundraising effort created to raise money for the New York State Brewers Association (NYSBA), the organization said in a release this week. It is hoped the beer will raise $20,000 in sales, with the proceeds going to fund other NYSBA initiatives.

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Befitting its name, Statewide Pale Ale is brewed with ingredients sourced from New York State, and is the work of a host of state-based brewers. These include Shmaltz Brewing Company, Community Beer Works, Empire Brewing, Lake Placid Brewing and Mad Jack Brewing, among others.

Brewed at a facility in Clifton Park, New York, Statewide Pale Ale is being offered at more than 60 locations throughout New York State.

"Beer enthusiasts will be able to enjoy Statewide Pale Ale all across New York from small brewpubs and nanos to regional powerhouses and everyone in between" said Jeremy Cowan, Founder of Shmaltz Brewing.

Like much of the nation, New York State has seen a boom in local breweries in recent years, with the number of beer makers growing from 95 in 2012 to 207 in 2014.

According to The Stonebridge Research Group, the craft beer industry has an economic impact in New York State of $3.5 billion.