Flea and Tick Prevention Essential in Summer Months, Says Acres Mill Veterinary Clinic

CANTON, Ga., June 14, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Acres Mill Veterinary Clinic is reminding pet owners about the importance of flea and tick prevention for the summer months. The animal hospital carries both topical and oral flea and tick treatments. Bravecto is an oral soft chew that is currently one of the most popular options, says Acres Mill Animal Hospital. The chew provides coverage for up to 12 weeks, rather than one month, which is most typical with topical treatments. A special mail-in rebate is also available in conjunction with the purchase of Bravecto. This includes $15 off a purchase of two doses and $35 off the purchase of four doses.

With summer well under way, flea and tick season has also arrived, says Canton veterinarian Dr. Good.

"Protecting pets from fleas and ticks is an essential part of responsible pet care, but we know it's not always easy when they seem to be just about everywhere in the summer," said Dr. Good. "Fleas and ticks can live outside in grass, soil and even crevices in the sidewalk. Once these parasites enter the home, getting rid of them can become an even bigger challenge. That's why prevention is so important."

Dr. Good recommends a medicated flea and tick preventative, whether that's a monthly topical treatment or an oral treatment.

"Recently we've seen an uptick in pet owners considering at-home 'natural' remedies," said Dr. Good. "Unfortunately, we need to recommend against these. There's simply no substitute for a medicated treatment. Flea and tick prevention is safe for use on puppies and kittens as young as three months of age. Medicated treatment is the best way to protect against fleas and ticks and reduce the risk for serious side effects from these parasites, like worms and Lyme disease."

Acres Mill Veterinary Clinic carries a variety of flea and tick treatment options, including Bravecto. This is the first oral soft chew that provides up to 12 weeks of protection against fleas and ticks.

"Bravecto is a popular oral chew that protects pets for up to 12 weeks," said Dr. Good. "We have seen virtually no side effects from the use of Bravecto. As an oral chew, some pet owners also find it easier to administer than topical medications."

Currently Bravecto is offering a special mail-in rebate. Pet owners who purchase two doses can receive a $15 rebate; a $35 rebate is available for the purchase of four doses.

"We encourage pet owners to choose the right flea and tick prevention treatment for their needs," said Dr. Good. "Our veterinary team is always available to answer questions about the difference between topical and oral treatments and which might be right for their pet. Protection is critical to preventing serious diseases!"

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