Harrisburg Chiropractor Featured on ABC Program: Good Day PA

HARRISBURG, Pa., June 14, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Harrisburg chiropractor Dr. Al Skocik, of Skocik Chiropractic, appeared on the Author Spotlight segment of the May 14, 2015 episode of "Good Day PA" to discuss his book, Years to Life, Life to Years: A Chiropractor's Basic Word of Advice. The book offers advice on a wide range of health topics, including neck and back pain, and conditions such as neuropathy, with insights based on his 26 years of experience in the chiropractic field of medicine. Dr. Skocik, who opened his practice in May of 1989, wrote the book to address common questions patients ask, so they could use that knowledge for themselves at home.

Dr. Skocik believes the book is a true opportunity to empower people to take their personal health into their own hands. "I wrote the book," says Dr. Skocik, "to help people know basic things they can do to improve their own health and manage their own pain, but also to help them identify when they need help that goes beyond what they can do for themselves."

The book also explains the importance of preventative actions for overall health and wellbeing while acknowledging that some injuries, such as auto accident injuries or work-related accident and repetitive motion injuries, may require the help of a qualified chiropractor in order to treat them effectively.

The Skocik Chiropractic philosophy is that, in these instances, it's better to see a chiropractor right away, even if people aren't feeling pain just yet, because damage could occur long before the body registers the pain of the accident or injury. By going to see a chiropractor early on in the process, many people can completely avoid the pain that's so commonly associated with these injuries.

While Dr. Skocik would love for everyone to rush out and purchase a copy of his book, he also hopes that people who read the book will not only follow the advice themselves, but also share what they learn with others. "The more the word gets around about these practical matters, the fewer people will live with unnecessary pain and discomfort. More importantly, the more people will know when the time to seek professional help comes along so they can move beyond the pain and live normal lives again."

Dr. Skocik also believes that by putting this practical advice into more hands, people will be able to heal faster and rely less on medical intervention, and even chiropractic care, to ease their pain.

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