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Could you be surfing at high-speed in the skies?

Phil Han, journalist at CNBC
Rare look inside test plane
Rare look inside test plane

A new inflight Internet service is being tested that could mean the end of passengers clunky connection speeds where web pages often don't load and anything like a Youtube clip would be better viewed in the terminal.

Honeywell Aerospace, Inmarsat and Kymeta are trialling a new inflight Internet service that could bring connection speeds of up to 50 megabytes per second at 37,000 feet.

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A number of airlines around the world currently offer in-flight Internet services including Virgin America, Norwegian and Qatar Airways, but speeds are more reminiscent of dial-up then high-speed.

GoGo is currently the largest provider of in-flight Wi-Fi available on more than 2,000 planes. OnAir is another satellite based Internet provider which is found on many Gulf carriers.

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Carl Esposito, Vice President of product management at Honeywell, told CNBC that the tests are already showing "excellent results."

"We expect the system to be available in certain regions towards the end of the year and globally sometime next year," Esposito added.

The company is working with Inmarsat to offer the technology through its global satellite network – plus the company believes having one provider will cut down on costs and provide a better experience for passengers.

"It is being designed from the ground up for mobile users unlike existing systems today and it's global worldwide," Esposito said.

"That will offer customers a seamless experience with less drop outs and no more hand offs and the price and speed will match that technology."