InterDigital Asia Joins Korea-Based 5G Forum

WILMINTON, Del., June 15, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- InterDigital Inc. (Nasdaq:IDCC), a mobile technology research and development company, today announced that InterDigital Asia, the company’s Seoul-based 5G research unit, has joined the 5G Forum as a member. Participation in this global initiative comes on the heels of InterDigital Europe’s participation in four European Union initiatives, aimed to provide key input for the eventual rollout of 5G infrastructures in Europe

The 5G Forum is a Korea-based non-profit organization researching 5G technology and services. The 5G Forum has several subcommittees dedicated to specific areas such as global alliance, spectrum, technology, and service. These subcommittees have been studying 5G issues related to their respective areas, and published a 5G white paper with their findings earlier this year. Also, the 5G Forum is continuing to promote 5G technology development, consensus and collaboration between all industry players, such as mobile network operators, manufacturers, research institutes, universities and governments.

InterDigital Asia will contribute and cooperate with other 5G Forum members in order to achieve the organization’s goal, promoting 5G globally in advance of potential 2020 deployments. The 5G Forum aims to do this by identifying the trends of key technologies through collaboration between the public and private sectors. The non-profit also serves as a mutual exchange between domestic and international institutions currently researching and promoting 5G technologies.

“InterDigital has historically been at the forefront of wireless innovation, spanning 2G, 3G, 4G and related mobile technology. Through this lens, it’s clear that InterDigital is the right partner to build and promote 5G, due to our ability to drive a coordinated approach supported by various industries, academic institutions, and governments. InterDigital is looking forward to working with the 5G Forum to move 5G forward internationally,” said Byung K. Yi, Executive Vice President, InterDigital Labs, and CTO of InterDigital.

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