The World’s Leading Cannabis Business Expo Will Take Place Featuring a Course for Medical Professionals in New York

LONG ISLAND, N.Y., June 15, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In an effort to educate doctors on the topic of medical cannabis, the International Cannabis Association (ICA) will be holding a business professional exposition at the Javits Center located in New York from June 17th – June 19th., a subsidiary to The Medical Cannabis Network (MCN) in alliance with ICA will be presenting a 6-hour introductory Pre-CME course at the conference about medical cannabis and how it applies to New York medical professionals on June 17th, 2015.

This course will be for doctors, physician assistants, nurses, social workers and medical students. The course will cover everything from compliance guidelines for physicians, to the science behind cannabis as a medicine. The course will be presented by John Nicolazzo, Co-Owner of MCN and was created to meet all the requirements outlined by the State of New York.

John Nicolazzo stated in an earlier interview, “This is the conference every doctor in New York has been waiting for. I know from previous work experience in operating 12 doctor clinics in California that this new industry is very lucrative for physicians and beneficial to patients. Within the first year the doctors’ offices were grossing over 400K a month because the demand for a doctor that was willing to write a medical cannabis recommendation was so high. I imagine New York will be twice the market and this time around, we are educating and training the doctors every step of the way.”

Doctor Conference on Medical Marijuana for New York

This course will be Pre-CME and presented to a local New York accreditation organization after the event for the final approval as the official New York CME course for doctors. Below is a list of topics that will be covered.

The Pharmacology of Marijuana


Side Effects and Adverse Reactions

Overdose and Prevention

Drug Interactions

Dosing Routes of Administration

Risks & Benefits

Warnings & Precautions

Abuse & Dependence

About the Medical Cannabis Network

Founded in 2010 – The Medical Cannabis Network is the premier company for:
Developing and implementing secure electronic systems for testing facilities, doctors, medical providers and patients regarding the recommendation of medical cannabis; MCN leverages a large-scale database of medical patients, records and prescription data to further the research of cannabis as a legitimate form of medicine.

Forward Looking Statement:

The future regulation of medical cannabis at the state and federal levels has been increasing; Implications of incompatibility of state databases and the systems used to verify patients is inconsistent; Revenue potential for the licensing of testing facilities, dispensaries and doctors regarding the growth and recommendation for medical cannabis consumption has grown over 400% in the last few years. MCN prides itself in offering a turnkey solution for both the state and federal requirements.

Registration Details:

Due to limited spacing the course can only accept the first 250 enrollments.
Course starts at 11:00 am on June 17, 2015 – Register Here

Lunch will be served during intermission provided by Advanced Clinical Laboratory Services.

Location Details:
Javits Center
655 West 34th Street
New York, New York, 10001

Please email Dr. R. Cromwell, Medical Director of the Education Division of MCN at or call 516-784-5957 for registration details. Dr. Cromwell will be available for any interviews and provide exclusive insight to some of the presenting topics and technology that will be announced during the conference.

Source: Marijuana Doctors