Cramer: Red hot stocks screaming for a takeover

Cramer dreams of takeovers

Every day Jim Cramer hears investors crying over how Greece is holding the entire stock market hostage until a decision is made. And while it is a big problem, Cramer doesn't think enough light is shed on the positive side of the situation: it keeps the Federal Reserve on hold.

However, all of this activity in the market has led to a wave of consolidations as we hear many companies talking about mergers and acquisitions. Thus, the "Mad Money" host decided to focus on the positive aspects of consolidation, and how it could unlock even more wealth for investors.

Why? Because Cramer sees that the market is blessing even with acquisitions that don't make any sense—like when the dog of a stock Coty went higher based on a total overpay for a bunch of old Procter & Gamble brands.

"I think it's safe to say we are now in an environment where CEOs know that the best thing they can do is to go buy another company," Cramer added. (Tweet This)

Thus, Cramer decided to share some of his dream merger ideas that he thinks could drive stocks higher for both parties.

Yahoo President and CEO Marissa Mayer
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First is the ultimate takeover target, Twitter. And while Cramer's charitable trust owns the stock, he totally regrets it and fears it could be headed lower unless there is a takeover or management cleans up its act.

Cramer thinks Twitter will go lower, not because he is badmouthing it, but because it is too expensive on an earnings basis.

But it's not too expensive on a takeover basis, and it could be worth a ton to a buyer like Google. Even Google has been sinking lately and has been flat since December 2013. Cramer thinks the stock could jump significantly if it bought Twitter for a 20 or 25 percent premium.

Why? Because then Google could fire everyone at Twitter. After all, it has its own amazing engineers and fabulous sales force. Then the two organizations would immediately be integrated.

"I always say you should never buy a stock on takeover speculation if the fundamentals are unsound, which means you shouldn't buy Twitter. However I could easily see the company being taken over; it's just that it might get bought at a lower level," Cramer said. (Tweet This)

Then there is Yahoo, which Cramer thinks is screaming to be acquired. When he did the math and subtracted the value of its investments, such as Yahoo Japan and Alibaba, it is literally valued less than zero.

Maybe Verizon should not stop at AOL, but it should also gobble up Yahoo for $50 a share?

That would make Verizon a real player on the Internet, and Verizon would get its money back almost immediately. And if Verizon fails at buying Yahoo, Cramer thinks AT&T should buy Yahoo instead and become a competitor with Verizon on the Internet.

Or how about Qualcomm buying Skyworks Solutions? Qualcomm has a ton of cash and it isn't doing anything, thus Cramer thinks the stock would be on fire if it bought Skyworks.

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Next up is Coca-Cola and Monster Beverage. Coke's stock is down 5 percent for the year, while Monster is up 20 percent. However, Cramer thinks that Monster's stock is about to skyrocket because it uses Coke's distribution system. Ultimately, Coke should not limit itself at a 16.7 percent stake in Monster; it should just buy the whole thing.

A few other deals that Cramer dreamed up: Under Armour could buy Lululemon, Hilton should buy Starwood Hotels, Apple might want to buy Harman, Kellogg could snap up WhiteWave or Hain Celestial and Johnson & Johnson could take over Bristol Myers Squibb.

"These deals would generate instant spikes in the stocks of every single one of the acquirers I just mentioned. The CEOs in question know this. They should go do these deals for their shareholders. After all, who else do they work for?" Cramer asked. (Tweet This)

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