Firm provides 'bootcamp' for maids

John Lund | Blend Images | Getty Images

As luxury Manhattan homes have become more complicated, the need for further domestic training became more apparent for Jill Wilpon.

This led Wilpon to launch Housekeeper Bootcamp, a five-hour course that teaches domestic workers everything from cleaning to grocery shopping for a luxury home, Wilpon told CNBC on Tuesday.

The course costs $150 for workers who are endorsed by a family, and $75 for workers who come in without a family's endorsement, Wilpon added. "We want to make it more palatable for people who want to come in and improve their skills."

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Wilpon, who also runs a domestic staffing firm called Chorz, also said the New York City-based business, which launched in April, will expand to Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, San Francisco and Boston over the next six months.

"[Many workers] don't know all the services available — they don't have a building concierge in the Philippines," Wilpon earlier told The New York Post, adding "twenty years ago, not everyone had a driver or four kids, or such complicated food."