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37 new emojis have been revealed to the world

On Wednesday, Unicode Consortium, a nonprofit that regulates the coding standards including emojis, released an update including 37 brand new emojis.

The highly anticipated taco, cheese wedge and face with rolling eyes are among the new additions. While these emojis are a part of Unicode's latest update, it is still up to Apple, Microsoft and Google as to whether or not they become a reality on users' keyboards.

Twitter users appear to be excited about it:

In fact, Yum! Brands' Taco Bell has been petitioning for a taco emoji for quite some time. With more than 30,000 signatures, the petition has clearly had success over the last six months.

"Unicode's approval of the Taco Emoji brings us one step closer to filling a void in the hearts and keyboards of taco lovers everywhere," a Taco Bell spokesperson told CNBC. "Our fans love tacos, and they love emojis – the 30,000 petition signatures and support on social media is proof of what is possible when you bring those things together. With this major milestone, we're hopeful the taco emoji will find its way into the mobile operating system updates soon to make our taco dreams a delicious reality."

Earlier this year, Apple adopted racially diverse emojis, so it is possible that Unicode's new set of emojis will appear in the next iOS update.

The full list includes: bottle with popping cork, burrito, cheese wedge, hot dog, popcorn, taco, turkey, unicorn face, badminton racquet, cricket bat and ball, field hockey stick and ball, ice hockey stick and puck, table tennis paddle and ball, volleyball, sign of the horns, amphora, crab, bow and arrow, lion face, scorpion, prayer beads, the Kaaba, generic mosque, synagogue, Menorah with nine branches, place of worship, Dhyani Buddha, upside-down face, face with rolling eyes, zipper-mouth face, money-mouth face, face with thermometer, nerd face, thinking face, face with head-bandage, robot face and hugging face.

Is your favorite emoji in the latest update? Tell us about what emojis you would like to see in the next release in the comments section below.