VCSPARK Widens the Capital Market Door

BEIJING, June 18, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- VCSPARK, a platform from Golden Sunflower Network Technology Co., Ltd., is the 1st Internet Investment Banking Brand, attracting thousands of individuals and institutions as its users and business partners. It reforms the traditional investment banking business with new O2O service model and multilevel client types. By utilizing internet to organize projects and capital, VCSPARK could effectively serve firms since their early stage of development. Meanwhile, investors could bid firm equity online, become equity owners and track investment progress. The online platform VCSPARK widens the door for ordinary people to enter capital market.

The mission of VCSPARK is continuously seeking and cultivating the next-era business leaders and great enterprises. Upon the high growth of firms on its platform, VCSPARK could consistently open good investment opportunities to its users. The platform itself is well-built with all sorts of information accessible to many people. Potential investors can select the projects they would like to know more, and express their willingness to invest some money online.

For projects and firms on its platform, VCSPARK spends a lot of time talking with business owners and potential investors, analyzing investment value and organizing all kinds of key resources to help business grow. "We choose VCSPARK, because it's not only about capital, but resources and continuous support." One platform user Fan Pengcheng, the CEO of Pandora Locker told.

With professionals hired and partnered to analyze various projects and do risk management, VCSPARK is confident to serve both project owners and equity investors in long-term. "We respect professionalism, and pay great attention to risk management." VCSPARK representative, Ji Juan, said.

As China is encouraging people to pioneer and create new business, internet financial service providers are now well-poised to establish efficient platforms to help people build start-up business. Platform such as VCSPARK, which has internet infrastructure and investment banking skills, can quickly contribute to the big map of China in so-called "public entrepreneurship" growth stage.

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Source:Golden Sunflower Network Technology Co., Ltd.