Lightning Round: Huge deals ahead for this group

It's that time again! The Lightning Round bell has rung, and Jim Cramer gives his take on a few favorite audience stocks:

Chevron Corp: "I think Chevron's priced insanely. This stock is now below where it was when oil was at $45 during the third week of January, this is nuts! I think there's going to be some very big deals in the oil patch because these stocks are now way out of wack. Inventories were high today, and everyone said 'oh my oil is going to come down big.' But it really didn't do anything! I think you've got to own the oils and I think Chevron is too cheap."

Box Inc: "I liked the quarter, and the stock as you remember went up to $19 after and Aaron, I thought he told a really good story and it was a much better narrative. Yet it still doesn't go higher. I think it's an opportunity, Aaron Levie is delivering. This was not the quarter of old, that was a good quarter and the stock's a buy."

Lazy Boy: "Lazy Boy is okay...but let's do retail. You notice Target and you see Brian Cornell on CNBC again. Target is the way to go perhaps when you're talking about furnishing the house, and don't forget I like Home Depot."

Canadian Solar: "You read the article and I'm sticking with Sun Edison, that has been the right horse to bet on."

Celgene Corp: "I'm a believer of Celgene and I notice they did their re-up of their buyback today and added a $4 billion authorization. Celgene is okay by me."

Anthera Pharmaceuticals: "It's a development stage biotech that has some great drugs for unmet needs, and I say you should own it."

Tubemogul Inc: "In this particular kind of advertisement platform, I am going to go with Salesforce because they coordinate a lot of these things."

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Exxon Mobil Corp: "Exxon is another one like Chevron, this tells me that deals are going to be done. Exxon stock is now below where it was when oil was much lower. This is crazy! I think there's going to be gigantic deals in the oil patch because the stocks are no longer reflecting any of the fundamentals. They're too cheap!"

Amsurg Corp: "Secular growth story, terrific and let me throw in HCA."

Chesapeake Energy Corp: "No, remember we divorced ourselves from Chesapeake after visiting them. When things were booming in the oil patch we were interested in Chesapeake, but remember that Chesapeake is much more natural gas and natural gas liquids. That is a part of business that is not any good. We like oil companies here."

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