Why kiteboarding has taken off in Silicon Valley

While early photos of Google founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page kiteboarding certainly inspired other entrepreneurs in Silicon valley to take up the extreme sport, there is a more fundamental reason why so many of them have adopted it, venture capitalist Bill Tai said Wednesday.

"I think a lot of people that are interested in start-ups have the personality that lends itself to extreme sports," Tai said in a CNBC "Squawk Alley" interview. "They are just aggressive go-getters that like to try everything."

Tai is also the co-founder of MaiTai Global, a firm that organizes events for entrepreneurs around the world. The gatherings, however, can only be attended via invitation.

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"It's sort of a self-selecting group. A lot of entrepreneurs who are out there hustling and trying to get their business off the ground are out there talking to other entrepreneurs," he added.